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Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. Delta Lambda Chapter Presents “What You Don’t Know”

By: Daniel Sanvee

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Delta Lambda Chapter held an educational program discussion and viewing in the MLK Parlor C on Thursday, November 3.

The aim of the event was to educate and raise awareness on various mental diseases that affect hundreds, if not thousands of African Americans daily.

“We held this event because things like mental diseases, and depression aren’t communicated in the black community,” said Leisha Cason, a member of the Delta Lambda Chapter who also aided in the fruition of the event.

A large number of female students came to learn and to spread awareness about mental illness.

Among a few eminent speakers who shared their knowledge, key speaker Wanda Boston, grandmother of member Tahj Boston, gave a heart wrenching testimony concerning her experience with the death of her two sons due to mental illness.

To further educate the audience, videos were played depicting different mental diseases. The videos relayed how the patients struggled with fitting in, love, acceptance from others and their own personal battles with mental illness.

Many students who had relatives dealing with the respective issues were greatly comforted by the discussion and advice.

One sympathetic student, Christine, a junior remarked, “I was already aware of this; my nephew has Tourette’s, and sometimes I see people recording others with mental issues doing crazy stuff…that’s not okay.”

After the viewing, handouts and pamphlets were given out to further educate students on the prevalent issues, and to comfort those who are suffering because of them.


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