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Student Views: Does the Career Fair really help students prepare for the work world?

By: Janae Faison         

On Thursday, October 27 DSU held its annual Career Fair which was open to all majors. As students, made their way into the Martin Luther King Jr. Student Center dressed in their best professional attire, the question was: How has the career fair helped students prepare for working after college?




Decosta Greene, Movement Science major from Pa. (Photo Credit: Janae Faison)


“It prepares me to have a competitive mentality when it comes to looking for a job.”












Alonzo Tabron, Mass Communication major from D.C. (Photo Credit: Janae Faison)

“It prepared me for the real world. It helped me explore my career options.”












Shamar Amison, Wildlife Management major from Md. (Photo Credit: Janae Faison)



“I feel like it hasn’t really prepared me for working after college because it’s more geared towards Business and Aviation majors.”










Samantha Carter, Mass Communication major from Ark. (Photo Credit: Janae Faison)


“It prepared me for the other career fairs, to network, and to see what jobs are available.”













Dante Gallegos, Sports Management major from N.J. (Photo Credit: Janae Faison)


“Great way to turn networking relationships into opportunities.”





















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