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Documentary”13th” MOCA screening

Daniel Sanvee

The Men of Color Alliance (MOCA) held a viewing of “13th,” a Netflix original documentary at Grossly Hall on October 27.

Food and beverages were served to accommodate the wave of students who watched the movie.

Afterward, the members of MOCA introduced themselves, and asked the audience what they had learned from the movie.

India Williams, a graduating senior spoke about ways blacks can educate themselves on issues that plague the community.

After the lengthy discussion and exchange of various opinions students were left with a heavy heart and a mind to ignite change.


(Photo: Daniel Sanvee)

“We as a people need to do more than protest, to get into legislation and have more than a conversation…then things will change,” said third year student Kadijah Read.

Many young men who attended weighed in on the film, one being Khalil Starter, a freshman at Delaware State.

“We as black people have not really progressed too much since slavery because they’re still systematically enslaving us through the prison system and other methods that keep us from reaching our true potential,” he said.

MOCA encouraged those who weren’t able to come to the event to watch the movie and share it with their friends, family and other loved ones.



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