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Rite-Aid administers flu shots at DSU

By: Jasmine Saunders, Editor-in-Chief

Rite-Aid pharmacy technicians were on campus at the Student Health Center and MLK Lobby on October 19 to give out relatively free flu shots to faculty, staff and students.

This event was organized by Marianne Carter, the director for the DE Center for Health Promotion. Walgreens was on campus a few weeks before to give out flu shots.

“The Healthy Hornets program does a number of activities throughout the course of the year to keep students healthy,” Carter said.

Getting a flu shot is extremely important. According to the Vaccine Information Statement given out at each site, “People with certain health conditions or a weakened immune system are at greatest risk [for getting the flu].”

Some people can even die from the flu or from complications, said Jennifer Spencer, a Rite-Aid pharmacy technician.

Despite all the health risks, many do not get flu shots. Some people believe that getting a vaccination can make the person sick, but that is not true.

There is no other alternative for flu prevention, vaccinations are the only protection, said another pharmacy technician Ramy El-Nadim.


The flu vaccine (Photo: Jasmine Saunders)

There was not a huge turnout for the flu shots, according to Carter, only about 50 people from both sites participated.

She attributes youth as the reason students do not get flu shots.

“What we have found is that [students] are young and healthy; if [students] never had the flu [they] probably don’t see a need,” she said.

One student who came to the health center made sure that she got her flu shot despite her youth.

“I’m used to getting vaccinations back home in New Jersey,” said sophomore Simone Murdock.

While the numbers for the flu shot event were low on campus, students, faculty and staff are urged to go to Rite-Aid to get their vaccines.

“We’re dealing with mass populace, we see the spread of infection go higher because we have interactions on a regular basis on a grander scale,” said another Rite-Aid pharmacy technician Christina Stone.

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