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Final presidential debate viewing at DSU

By: Jasmine Saunders, Editor-in-Chief

DSU’s Law Studies Program hosted a viewing of the final presidential debate in the MLK Student Center on October 19.

There were a lot of reactions throughout the audience during the debate; some were laughing at some of Donald Trump’s antics and there were sounds of disbelief at some of the unprofessional moments.

“This debate was much better than the second one issue-wise,” said Dr. Samuel Hoff, the director of the Law Studies Program.

In the first two debates, some of the real issues that are prevalent in this country have not been addressed, so this debate marks the first time that issues were actually discussed.

Victor Hernandez, a student, marveled at the fact that immigration was brought up for the first time in any of the three presidential debates.

Hernandez is a DACA applicant, which means Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. Under the Obama Administration, it was an executive action that ensures that immigrants who come to America before their sixteenth birthday and before June 2007 get work permits and are exempt from deportation. However, there is still no path to citizenship.

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He agreed with Clinton’s policy on the topic, saying “there should be a path to residency or any other program.”

Student Jalina Booker was interested in the topic of the Second Amendment being addressed.

“[Clinton] made some good points about more background checks…she’s trying to make things safer,” she said.

Dr. Hoff was tallying the scores using “forensic scoring,” where points are given to a candidate who better answered the questions they were asked.

He determined that Hillary Clinton was the winner of the debate, this being her second win out of three through his calculations.

Now that Clinton has won most of the debates, it will further widen the margins between herself and Trump.

“She was already in good shape, but then with Trump’s self-inflicted wounds, that made it worse,” he said.


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