Meet Myles, the ‘Soul Snatcher’ of DSU

By: Koya Perez

Fall fashions have seen recent wave of distressed tee, a reoccurring look from the 90s, packed with a 2016 twist. The trend set all over campus like a wild fire, as almost every DSU student rocked this trend in their own fashionable way.

One brave DSU student Myles Henry began the idea of his own fashion line, centered around this new trend. The Hornet spoke with Henry about his line of distressed t-shirts Soul Snatcher and its sister brand Snack.


The Hornet: When did you start your clothing line, and what motivated you to start it?

Myles Henry: My clothing line started on August 28th, 2016 which is my birthday. I released the website on my birthday because I knew that was the prime time when my social media would be getting the most attention. With all of the shout outs and birthday love I received, I knew that would be the best time to start my clothing line.

TH: What does ‘Soul Snatcher’ and ‘Snack’ mean to you? Why did you pick these two things to be the face of your line?

MH: The meaning of Soul Snatcher is not the first thought that comes to everybody’s mind, which is the sexual aspect. You can snatch somebody’s soul with your appearance, looks, personality, swag, anything that can catch another person’s attention. The brand gives the customer confidence, a feeling of self-worth, and lets them know that they have something unique about them that somebody else will love. And the same thing goes for Snack. Snack is the female portion of my clothing line and it serves the same purpose. It’s a saying for a female that is beautiful, talented, phenomenal. It gives a lady a sense of confidence as well. I chose these two names to be the face of my line because they both are catchy and both are things that people say or use to reference somebody who is attractive.

TH: What was the greatest challenge you faced in the process of making the t-shirts?

MH: The greatest challenge I faced in the process of making the t-shirts is the bleaching process, because that smell is really strong [lol]. Also, the line definitely is popular right now, so I guess I can say a challenge also is just having shirts on hand for every person that wants one because we have been selling out every week.

TH: How did you brand yourself/market yourself to people so you can get your business going?

MH: I have been known to be a pretty fashionable guy to other people. Humbly speaking, I get compliments on my outfits and how I put them together all of the time. So, I branded and marketed myself by wearing my product with great outfits. Also, by having my gang rock the gear also. Shout out to Soul Snatcher gang [lol].

TH: How does it feel to have the DSU student body supporting clothing line?

MH: The feeling is amazing! I have so much support on DSU’s campus, it is overwhelming. Every day I see someone posting a picture or walking around campus with a Soul Snatcher or Snack shirt on. And we flooded DSU’s homecoming all week. Every day and every event someone had a shirt on . I’m loving the support to the fullest and I am very grateful.

TH: Any future projects or plans?

MH: Soul Snatcher has a lot of new projects and plans coming for everyone. We are working on making our brand for everybody instead of one specific social group. So stay tuned, and don’t lose faith in us, trust me we got you guys.

Henry also added at the end of his interview:

Shout out to my VP Alexander Hackett

And The Soul Snatcher Gang

And All Of Our Supporters

I Love And Appreciate You All.

Here are The Hornet’s top three reasons every student should be wearing a Soul Snatcher and Snack tee:

1. Trendy. As stated in the interview, soul snatcher and snack are two words young adults used today to describe a variety of characteristics of themselves. Why not sport the best characteristics of you on a t-shirt?

2. Unique. The twisted, distressed, and splattered bleach look complete the pop art design of the words printed boldly in the middle of the shirt.

3. Support Black Student Businesses. It is important to support, give back, and uplift fellow black students, entrepreneurs, and citizens who are motivated to becoming successful.

Soul Snatcher and Snack t-shirts are sold here.

Follow Henry and the Soul Snatcher and Snack movement on Twitter and Instagram.


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