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SGA Brings Students into the ‘New Era’ with Website Development

By: Janae Faison

As the SGA ‘New Era’ Administration continues to make steps to build more of a connection with its students, SGA has reintroduced their New Era website.

The New Era administration has been able to live up to the more technological advancement of making things easier for its students, beginning with the online ticketing of the Next Level administration. The introduction of the website was first seen during campaign season back in spring 2016.

“The idea was thought of at the beginning of the fall semester in 2015, way before campaign season in the spring. The idea came about from wanting to bring something new that would set us apart from any competition we had,” explained Vice President Kevin Bearam.

The website allows students easy access to get to know the members of the administration, events that New Era has coming up, and a way for students to stay up-to-date on current events involving the campus.

“The students can easily access all information by clicking on the tabs which include all organizations under our umbrella,” says Bearam.

With the advancement of technology growing with each SGA administration, Bearam has been able to still keep those who choose not to have any social media platforms connected by allowing them to visit the site.

“For those who do not partake in social media, this website provides a way for them to stay up to date on things we are doing so that they are not left out.”

Since Homecoming has ended, students are actually able to get on the site and look at photos taken during the entire week. Students can view any pictures of themselves and friends during those events on campus.

But the SGA doesn’t just want the students to connect with them through the site, they also want to students to feel comfortable with them enough to talk to them in person, as the administration has an open door policy to their office.

“New Era has an open door policy which allows students to come to our office at any time and speak to us about anything,” said Bearam.

What else does New Era have in store? While Bearam could not divulge the details, he did promise there is more in store for DSU.

“The students are always our biggest concern. We have many things planned for the rest of the year and we really hope to students are ready for what’s in store,” explained Bearam.

(Photo: Janae Faison)

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