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DSU featured in CNN segment about HBCU diversity

By: Janae Faison

As one walks the campus of DSU you see some uncommon faces walking around that one doesn’t usually see on the campus of an HBCU.

As diversifying the campus is one of DSU’s core values, the university makes sure as the number of African-American attendees steadily rise, so is the number of other races too.

As pointed out in a CNN segment titled “Unstereotyped: Whites at Historically Black Colleges,” the more diverse an HBCU is, the more students attend.

But besides having more people on campus what other benefits come from having a more diverse HBCU? According to junior, Stacey Wilson, a person is able to experience another person’s culture without having to travel.

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“Diversity isn’t just the color of your skin, it’s also your background. It’s nice to have so many different ethnical backgrounds on campus. It’s like you’re able to get a firsthand take on their culture,” she explained.

According to the DSU Enrollment Profile from Fall 2015, DSU had a total of 2,762 African American undergraduate students, 414 Caucasian undergraduate students, 215 Hispanic undergraduates, 36 Asian undergraduates and 9 Native American undergraduates.

As DSU continues to grow in diversity, the campus welcomes all races. Even though Asians make up a small percentage of the campus, the students accept them as if they were their own.

Minjeong Ko, a senior Korean foreign exchange student said, “the students made me feel comfortable when I first came. I was nervous when I first came to this school, but the students and faculty made me feel at home even though I was in a new place.”

As the number of students continues to grow, so does the diversity.

Especially with different organizations that bring together multiple ethnic groups such as the DSU Caribbean Student Association (CSA) which incorporates all Caribbean islands that students can be from together to put events on display that would be held on that island as a part of its customs.

Events such as the Caribbean flea market which is held every year offers the chance to see the exchange of different fabrics, foods, and many other things associated with the Caribbean culture that the entire student body can partake in.

As what this HBCU stands for will never change, the amount of culture that is brought to this campus is forever growing.

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