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What do DSU Students Like to Listen to?

By: Nick Nelson

Delaware State University is home to people from all over the United States. Mostly it is made up of students from Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, DC, Maryland and Virginia.

They have different taste in music from each state. The students of Delaware State University learned how to adapt to each style of music.

Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia; better known as “The DMV,” is home to Go-Go music. Go-go is a blend of funk, r&b, and early hip-hop, with a focus on lo-fi percussion instruments and funk-style jamming in place of dance tracks, although some sampling is used.

Lamont Bradford who is from New Jersey and a sophomore at Delaware State University said,

“Go-go music is catchy when you know it. The first time I heard Go-go music is when I went to the first school party my freshman year. The beats to the music just makes you start dancing. Other than that, I like Go-go music.”

New Jersey is home to a style of music called Jersey Club Music. Jersey club is a little faster than Baltimore club. It is played around 135-140 beats per minute.

It is full of bouncy, heavy kick drum triplets and beat switch-ups, it recycles a lot of vocal cuts, generally stripped from current and classic hip-hop, r&b and house hits.

Dwain McCray who is from Maryland and a senior at Delaware State University said,

“I respect Jersey club music. It kind of reminds me of go-go music a little bit. Southern Jersey is more dance music while northern Jersey is much faster.”

Overall the students here at Delaware State University appreciate all the types of music that is played at every party and will continue to dance to them.

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