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Seniors Prepare for their Capstones

By: Nick Nelson

It is a requirement for mass communication majors at Delaware State University to present a senior capstone. All seniors must do this project in order for them to graduate.

Most of the seniors base their papers off of what they wrote when they took research media techniques class. In addition to the paper the students are required to create a video or use audio to help present their capstone.

Kamarah Rice who is a senior at Delaware State University said,

“Doing my Senior Capstone felt like the last big hurdle of my college career. It basically summed up everything I’ve learned these past four years. As stressful as it was, and even though at times I felt as though it would not be good enough, it’s one battle I am proud to have fought.”

The process for the capstone is very tiresome; students have to constantly edit what they have in their paper almost every time they meet with their professors.

Mass Communications students often used the Mac Lab in the ETV building to edit their videos or audio products to make sure that it was good for their presentation.

Senior Terrick Colston said,

“The process for Senior Capstone was very challenging. I was in the writing lab in the library almost every day making sure that the writing assistants helped me on my paper so it can be good. I was stressing big time on this capstone but I’m glad that I finished it and got it out of the way.”

Sure writing more than 15 page papers and having to do an audio documentary maybe a hassle but it will prepare us for the real world once the seniors graduate from college.

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