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Finals Week at DSU

By: Nick Nelson

Finals week is approaching for students at Delaware State University  soon. The question is how do students at Delaware State students prepare for finals? Do they take the initiative to dedicate the whole week into studying? Or do students wait until the last minute and cram all night?

It is a very stressful week for the students because they could have two to three finals in a day and do not know how to prepare for them. J.R. Robinson who is a senior at Delaware State said,

“I remember during my freshman year when I had three finals in one day and did not know how to prepare for them and thought I was going to lose my mind. Thankfully I had tutors and had access to the writing lab whenever I needed them the most.”

Some students get distracted during finals week because it is the end of the semester and they cannot wait to go home. Finishing strong academically is always the motive, but some students who live far from home get homesick easily.

Sophomore Anthony Gamble said,

“From living in Florida all my life, it is hard to focus on finals because it’s close to the summer time and I’m so ready to go back and be in the sunshine state. I know I have to do well in the classroom but I just can’t wait to go home to be with my family.”

Overall, the students at Delaware State have to focus on their finals because getting an education is the number one goal.

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