Conrad Falls Short of Expectations

By: Nick Nelson

When it comes to eating facilities here at Delaware State University, plenty of students dislike both dining halls, which are the village cafeteria and Conrad dining hall.

Most of the students go into both cafeterias disappointed because of the food choices.

“Everyday, they always serve hot dogs, hamburgers and French fries.” Senior Robert Reed said.

“I do not like the fact that the University Village cafeteria closes at 2 p.m. everyday, the food is not as good as I expected it to be either. They always run out of condiments whenever I need some.”

Many of the students normally go off campus to buy something to eat or go to the MLK because of the poor choices in the dining halls.

The MLK has three restaurant choices: Subway, Chickfila and The Grille. For athletes it is a different story because they have to eat six to seven times a day.

Junior Ted Noble said,

“As Division one collegiate athletes, our daily regimen is far more demanding than regular students. For example, we are required to workout multiple times a day, we are up earlier and go to sleep later. Yet we get the same amount of meals as a regular student. I feel as though we are not getting adequate meals for the work we put in on a daily basis.”

Therefore, both cafeterias have to do a better job on having better food choices for the students here at Delaware State.


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