2016 Presidential Elections

By: Nick Nelson

The Presidential Election is coming up soon and students at Delaware State University are concerned because Donald Trump is the representative for the Republican Party.

Donald Trump might be a businessman but we are not sure if he knows anything about politics. Trump is also very rude when it comes to his debates. He always interrupts the other candidates and he has made several comments that could be considered racist and sexist.

Senior Dimitri Hill said,

“I don’t think Donald Trump should be President of the United States because number one, he is a racist and pretends like he does not know , and two he’s talking about building a wall, which is Un-American to me. And you’re also talking about banning Muslims from coming to America which is land of the free. I just can’t imagine him becoming President.”

Donald Trump had rallies that involved violence and racism and claims that he did not know the reason why people were getting punched in the crowd and throwing people out. Trump would also make fun of people and make violent references during his rallies suggesting that he should punch people in the face.

Junior Ayanna Smith said,

“I’m not sure how I will feel if he becomes the President. As a student body, I do know that every vote counts and we have to make sure that we vote for the Democratic Party and make sure he is not sworn into office.”

The Presidential Election will be here before we know it. Voting for Donald Trump would be a harmful decision for Americans to make in November 2016.

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