Student Views: “Do you believe Donald Trump can compete with Hillary Clinton after endorsing her during the 2008 presidential election?”

By: Maximilian Farley

Evan Connelly

Evan Connelly, Major: Marketing, Hometown: Dover, DE  (Photo: Maximilian Farley)

“After seeing all the negative feedback at his rallies, a lot of people don’t support him, but I have a feeling he’s going to win, though I don’t want him to.”










Danielle Velez

Danielle Velez, Major: Movement Science, Hometown: Chino Hills, CA  (Photo: Maximilian Farley)

“No, because he is running as a Republican and he endorsed her as a Democrat.”










Brian Baull

Brian Baull, Major: Music Education, Hometown: Dagsborro, DE  (Photo: Maximilian Farley)

“I don’t think so. I think he’s got his own mind-set and what he believes is what he’s going to do, even if it goes against popular values.”










Kurin Gaston

Kurin Gaston, Major: New Media in Arts, Hometown: Washington, D.C.  (Photo: Maximilian Farley)

“No. Nobody likes Donald Trump.”












Erin Cooper

Erin Cooper, Major: Education, Hometown: Smyrna, DE  (Photo: Maximilian Farley)

“No. If he endorsed her beforehand, unless he holds the same political views as before, he can’t rightfully go against her now.”





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