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DSU Welcomes ‘New Era’ SGA Administration

By: Janae Faison

As the 2015-2016 academic school year is coming to a close, so is the reign of the ‘Next Level’ administration. Introducing the new SGA administration for the 2016-2017 academic school year, ‘New Era.’

The Hornet Newspaper got the chance to sit down with the ‘New Era’ president, Jasmine Jenkins, and vice president Kevin Bearam to discuss their plans for the upcoming school year.

Hornet: What does ‘New Era’ mean to you guys individually?

New Era: ‘New Era’ means combining some of what DSU used to be, along with how it is now, for the betterment of the culture of the university.

H: How was the process of coming up with the name ‘New Era’ as you guys’ campaign name?

NE: We thought about the state DSU is in now. So when you enter college, you enter a New Era in your life. When the Class of 2017 enters, it’s the first year of many changes at DSU. We were the first to experience the DSU that everyone spoke about. Now that we’re going to be seniors, is it time for us to start a New Era. The class of 2020 enters DSU in the fall. The state of a new decade of students. In the New Era, we want the balance of academic excellence and social enjoyment, instead of one or the other. Most importantly, we want to increase the rate of graduation in four years or less and ensure students are well prepared to enter the New Era of their life post-graduation.

H: What implements will be applied to the school to create the ‘New Era’ atmosphere?

            NE: First, Culture Fest, in order to improve the culture, we must adhere to all individual cultures on campus. Second, DSU Radio playing in the MLK and having MLK announcements keeps the students updated and informed outside of social media. Last, homecoming countdown in which we kick off homecoming in a way that carries through excitement for the entire week.

H: What are your plans for the 2016-2017 academic school year?


‘New Era’ SGA President Jasmine Jenkins and Vice President Kevin Bearam  (Photo: Antonio “JR” Fuondjing)


            NE: Our plan for the year is to bring back [the] DSU culture. What we mean by that is, a lot of upperclassmen reminisce about how fun DSU use to be. And now it’s the total opposite, but what they failed to mention was while they were having fun, they weren’t, where they needed to be academically. Whereas now, we are there academically but not socially. So what we plan to do is balance out the two. Make sure that the students are having fun while maintaining their grades. We just want to make sure that the students have a fun, successful, and beneficial academic school year.

H: How will the New Era administration keep the DSUnity?

            NE: Right now, Kevin is already working hand-in-hand with our current SGA VP Richard [Figueroa] with DSUnity [for a] show coming up during Spring Fling bringing a lot of the organizations together, so we already have a head start. What we plan to do is of course continue the unity show for the upcoming year, but come up with unity programs as well that’ll bring the students together. The Greeks on the campus have a huge impact on the student body as well. And myself [Jasmine Jenkins] being part of a Greek organization, we came up with some ideas for them as well. Also, us being the head to the student leader umbrella, unity starts within us as student leaders. Lastly, we have a couple social events up our sleeves as well that we know will definitely bring the students out!

H: Is there anything else the student body should know about New Era?

            NE: At the end of the day, we are regular students too. We want what you all want. We are the voices of the student body and will work our hardest to make sure that the students are happy. We encourage the students to reach out to us as much as we reach out to them and feel free to address their concerns they may have. And if you can’t get to us personally or we haven’t gotten to you, be sure to check out our website:

The voices of New Era have spoken. Big things are in store for the next school year and New Era doesn’t want anyone to miss it.


(Feature Photo: Antonio “JR” Fuondjing)


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