Student Views: Was it right for the protesters to disrupt Donald Trump’s Chicago rally?

By: Morgan Poole

Khiara MaceIree

Khiara MaceIree, Major: Computer Science, Hometown: Philadelphia, PA  (Photo: Morgan Poole)

“I would say yes, it was right for the Chicago protesters to disrupt the rally because Donald Trump constantly uses freedom of speech to spread hatred among the nation.The people of Chicago exercised the same right to say as they please as opposition to what Trump had expressed.”









Jordyn Batch

Jordyn Batch, Major: Mass Communications, Hometown: New Castle, DE  (Photo: Morgan Poole)


”Although I am anti-Trump, I do not believe the way the protesters came in and disrupted his rally was the way to go about voicing their political views. Yes, as Americans we have freedom of speech. However, that does not give us the right to protest disrespectfully.”






Nicholas Hillman

Nicholas Hillman, Major: Aviation, Hometown: New Castle, DE    (Photo: Morgan Poole)


“Oh heck yeah I support what they did one hundred percent! Yes they have the right to do that, it’s in the constitution. I fully support the protest.”









Jasmine Alford

Jasmine Alford, Major: Mass Communications, Hometown: Baltimore, MD  (Photo: Morgan Poole)


“Donald Trump is rude so why can’t the protesters be rude too?”









Rebecca Flickenger

Rebecca Flickenger, Major: Pre-Vet Science, Hometown: New Castle, DE  (Photo: Morgan Poole)

“No I don’t support what the protesters did. Trump is running for president. Even if you don’t like what he’s saying you shouldn’t go and ruin his moment to try and run.”




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