Athlete Spotlight: Vanessa Washington

By: Alexis Wallace

Hornet Vanessa Washington is a Utility Player of the Delaware State University softball team.

She has recently been announced as MEAC player of the week for the week of March 28th to April 2nd. She has also been previously named Rookie of the Year and Second Team All-MEAC in 2015. Washington has also been Rookie of the Week three times.

Washington has been playing softball since she was eight years old. Softball still continues to be one of her greatest hobbies.

She chose DSU because she felt she would be successful here.

A sophomore Political Science major, minoring in Law Studies from Sacramento, California, she mentioned the transition being different but loved the small community.

“When I came here for my visit, the coaches were showing me around. The team seemed really close. It just seemed like a natural decision,” she said.

Joining that team has created a bond between Washington and her teammates. “We are close on and off the field. Some of my best friends are actually on the team. We always hangout”.

They also help lift one another, she explained.

She described her biggest accomplishment of being Rookie of the Year last spring as being “really cool.” Since then, she has been getting a lot of recognition.

Washington stays motivated because softball is a game of failure; meaning a good hitter hits 300. That is three out of 10. That means a player is failing 70% of the time. This helps her strive to be the best.

Besides softball, Washington is an outdoors person, so her hobbies include hiking and traveling.

Once she graduates, Washington wants to pursue a career in the political science field. She will also be attending law school to become a lawyer.

Washington is honored over all the attention she gets. It pushes her to do better.

(Photo: dsuhornets.com)


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