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O.D.D.I.T.Y Presents: “Portrait of a Gay Black Man”

By: Alexis Wallace

O.D.D.I.T.Y, (Openly Defining Diversity Intuitively Through Yourself) is a new organization at Delaware State University.

On March 23rd, the organization held an event called “Portrait of a Gay Black Man.”

The event was a platform to spread awareness about the LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual, and Queer) community.

O.D.D.I.T.Y opened the program with a clip from a video which showed a relationship between an openly gay and a closeted gay man.

The message was lack of acceptance of yourself can only hurt you.

After their attention grabber, they held a questionnaire session.

Their panelists represented each side of the spectrum in the LGBTQ community, including heterosexual.

The questions asked were, “Would you mind having a gay son?” Also questions based off real events, “How did your family react to you coming out?”

Emani Smith, a sophomore Psychology major, is president of O.D.D.I.T.Y.

“We are trying to make our mark here at DSU. We have to take certain measures to implement that. People think LGBTQ is just a gay org. Tonight’s program will prove we are more than that. It’s meant to spread awareness and that is what we do, spread awareness to everyone.”

To end the night, they hosted a game from a site called “Kahoot!” with questions based on what was discussed.

“I thought it was really good, you hear first hand from openly gay men. It gave me a better insight and understanding of that lifestyle,” said freshman Elementary Education major Justice Durham.

One need not be gay or a member of LGBTQ to attend meetings.

“We are open to everyone. A lot of people get the notion that since we are a LGBTQ org, that’s only who we seek. We do not discriminate against anyone at all. Anyone is welcome,” said Smith.

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