Hornets defeat the Spartans

By: Briana Mason

The Delaware State Baseball team played their first conference game this past weekend against the Norfolk Spartans. Winning the series against the defending MEAC conference champions, marked the Hornets first wins of the 2016 season.

Notable players in the series opener included sophomore Austin Bentley, junior Jacob Bartlett, senior Sam Barber, and senior Cameron Onderko. Onderko started the Hornets off, getting on base, followed by Austin Bentley hitting a double, allowing Onderko to get the first run for the Hornets in the first inning.

Within the first inning the Hornets were able to score three runs within the first inning of the game. The Hornets were able to overcome the Spartans in the first game of the series by winning 9-5.

In the final game, the Hornets did not disappoint. Once again Cameron Onderko and Jacob Bartlett were noted in helping the Hornets clench the win, along with sophomore pitcher Hunter McVey. Once again overcoming the Spartans, the Hornets won 5-3 to close with two game series.



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