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Marquell Tate: The “Prince of Mass Communications”

By: Juamarley Miller

Marquell Tate is a junior at Delaware State University, where he calls himself the “Prince of Mass Communications.”

He is the Music Director and Label Representative for WDSU Radio “The Hive,” the campus radio station.  As the Music Director, Marquell’s job is to make sure that he has a wide variety of music.

“I know that people are tired of hearing the same thing so I’m taking it as my task to make sure I stay up to date with most music with an abundance of throw backs as well.”

As the Label Representative his job is to get in contact with numerous amounts of record labels and to “keep a long story short” when he conducts interviews. He also tries to get them to send free promotional gear.

“Truthfully, I think I can speak for the whole managing staff of the station when I say this, by the time we graduate we want the station to be the talk of the school, we want everyone to be tuned into all of the latest news, all of the best music, we want to be the number one media outlet on campus. It’s time for the ‘Get Back.’ Since we obtained the positions all we hear is how the station used to be and now we are in the process of getting it there,” said Tate.

Marquell has co-hosted a show on “The Hornet TV,” named “Break’n N Enter’n.” The purpose of the show was to make sure Delaware State University students knew about unsigned artists and also artists on the rise.

Growing up in Philadelphia, Marquell Tate had it rough as he battled with making the right decisions and not becoming just another neighborhood kid. Raised by both parents, Marquell was shown the appropriate way to conduct himself.

However, at the age of 13 he witnessed his favorite cousin, who he considered a brother, gunned downed in broad daylight. Such a life-changing occasion could have led Marquell to a life full of hatred and troubled behaviors, but instead he said it made him stronger.

Now he wants to make a difference in his community and show the youth that there is a different path you can take. “I want to show them that if they pick up a book instead of a gun that anything is possible.”

Marquell attended Murrell Dobbins CTE High School. Was a four-year starter in basketball and also ran track and field and cross-country.

As the captain, he led his team to division championships in all three sports. He also served as the vice president for the National Honor Society and student body association.

“I decided to go to college because I want to make difference and become the first in my immediate family to go.”

Unsure of what to major in when he reached Delaware State University, he asked his high school teacher what would be the perfect fit for him.

His teacher suggested mass communications would be a nice fit.

With an ambition of being a sports analyst, he is now an analyst for Delaware State University where he does the sports section.

“It is such a pleasure to be able to work with Marquell Tate, someone who is not only a hard worker but someone that I consider a good friend,” said Jacquaniese Washington, WDSU Station Manager. “Marquell continues to make strides to be the best that he can be which reflects in his work as the Music Director. I love working with ‘Quell,’ as I call him, because he never ceases to make us laugh and keep us on our toes.”

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