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Hornet Spotlight: Kamarah Rice

by: Koya Perez

Creative. Innovative. Motivated. These three characteristics describe Kamarah “Akila K” Rice. Known as “the girl with the steelpan” whose always showing out at the talent shows around DSU, Kamarah is currently a senior majoring in Mass Communications with a concentration in TV, Radio and Film. While Kamarah isn’t busy with her music, and being a SRA in Laws Hall, she has discovered a new passion — photography.

The Hornet sat down with Kamarah Rice for an in-depth interview about what got her start in photography, her motivation, and future plans.

Kamarah Rice official logo for Aye Kila Productions

Kamarah Rice official logo for Aye Kila Productions

TH: What first got you interested and involved with photography?

KR: Honestly, my music. With being an artist and trying to make a name for myself in the music scene, every artist should have a few good, professional pictures of themselves. I’m the type of person where I’d rather do things on my own then have them done for me. So, I started learning photoshop as a way to make song and mixtape covers. That led to me learning more about photography, getting more involved with video, and logo making.

TH: What do you like most about being a photographer and taking photos?

KR: I like the ability to have people see things the way you see them. I’m still learning as I go along; I’m actually taking a photography class this semester. The projects we have to do are really helping me train my eye, and look for the art and beauty in everything, even the things we see on a daily basis. In a way, it kind of relates to my music. If anything, it’s given me more inspiration to write.

TH: What type of camera do you use?

KR: Nikon D3300. I just purchased it last semester.I was using a Canon T3i at one point, but that belong to a friend who was letting me borrow it. I had to start somewhere (she chuckles).

TH: What programs or software do you use for editing and why?

KR: For photos, I use Adobe Lightroom. Sometimes I might pass a photo through Photoshop, depending on what I want to do with it, but mainly Adobe Lightroom for now.  For videos, I use Adobe Premier Pro and Final Cut Pro X. For logos, I use Adobe Illustrator. As you can see, I’m no stranger to Adobe Creative suite (she laughs). I am still in the beginning stages as a visual artist, so I am learning these programs as I use them.

TH: What other multimedia do you do besides photography?

KR: Since my major is Mass Comm, and my concentration is TV, Radio and Film, I’m involved with a lot of video and audio. Since I’m also into music, I engineer and produce songs as well as write songs for myself and other artist.

TH: What is your most recent project?

KR: For my photography class, we had to take 10 force perspective shots. And, as you know, campaign season is coming up, so stay tuned…

TH: With new projects, graduation, and a job on campus, your life must be hectic. What keeps you motivated?

KR: Honestly, just knowing that I can be better. Knowing that there’s more to learn.

TH: What are your plans for the future?

KR: My future plans are to just continue to grow and get better with visual arts. Right now, it’s just a hobby and a nice side hustle, but if I continue with it. I wouldn’t mind doing this full time, in addition to my music. Who knows, maybe I’ll be the first MC/Singer/Rapper/Photographer/Visual Artist in the music industry!

TH: And any comments or advice for students looking to get their start in music and/or photography?

KR: Just do it! A lot of people get scared when wanting to learn a new task, but it’s just like anything in life; once you start it, you have to stick with it. Consistency is key!

For more photos and videos about this multitalented artist, follow her personal Instagram page AkilaKMusic and her brand page AyeKilaProductions

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