Student Views: Who do you believe is the best football player in the NFL? Why?

By: Darius Ross

Jasmine Griffin

Jasmine Griffin, Freshman, Major: Mass Communications  (Photo: Darius Ross)

“Well I think the best player is Odell Beckham Jr. because of all the flashy plays he makes. He makes the hard catches seem like the easiest thing in the world.”












“When you have a team that is not really talented but because of [Tom] Brady’s level of play, his team ends up being the best each year. Tom Brady is great because the league tries to establish rules and make modifications so he will not be so dominant but at the end of the day he ends up still being the best.”
Christian Minus

Christian Minus, Freshman, Major: Mass Communications      (Photo: Darius Ross)












Nia Bell

Nia Bell, Freshman,   Major: Psychology                  (Photo: Darius Ross)

“Cam Newton has to be the best. He won almost every regular season game, now he’s the reason they’re in the Super Bowl.”











Dajuan Jordan

Dajuan Jordan, Sophomore,                Major: Nursing                 (Photo: Darius Ross)

“I think Cam Newton is just the best player in the league simply because of his athleticism as a QB. I just like the fact that he has fun out there on the football field because he enjoys the sport he plays and he makes the NFL especially Panthers’ games more entertaining to watch.”












Khaleel Todd

Khaleel Todd, Sophomore, Major: Sports Management  (Photo: Darius Ross)

“It has to be Johnny Manziel. His charisma on and off the field remind me of my dad. Manziel is underrated and needs a better team round him.”

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