Student Views: Do you feel that males and females in athletics get the same amount of attention and exposure at Delaware State University? Why?

By: Monica Ellis

Sam Barber

Sam Barber, Senior, Major: Integrated Studies, Baseball Team  (Photo: Monica Ellis)


“No, they don’t. Most people want to watch sports like football and basketball which are predominately male sports. Also, [male] football and basketball are the money makers at DSU, so the athletics department gives them the most attention.”







Rachel Dantley

Rachel Dantley, Junior, Major: Public Relations, Equestrian Team (Photo: Monica Ellis)

“No, males definitely get more support and attention. Women’s sports don’t get enough exposure at DSU, mainly because half of them aren’t even based on DSU’s campus. More people are just attracted to football and men’s basketball because that’s all that is ever broadcasted on TV, so it draw more of a crowd at DSU because that’s what people regularly watch and know.”





Whitney Cochran

Whitney Cochran, Junior, Major: Biology-Health Professions, Non-Athlete  (Photo: Monica Ellis)

“No because the football team and the men’s basketball team are glorified at DSU, while teams like women’s basketball gets hardly any support even though it is the same sport. The women’s Equestrian team and the bowling team receive almost no support from the students here or even the athletics department at times. The baseball team also gets better treatment overall than the softball team. I think it is because people are still in the mindset that men are better at sports and more interesting to watch, but that is not true.”





Tarique Anderson

Tarique Anderson, Senior, Major: Accounting, Football Team          (Photo: Monica Ellis)

“No, they don’t. Using basketball for example, men’s get more exposure because the games are advertised more, and therefore attendance is automatically higher because more people know about it. Even at the actual games, more effort is put into the men’s games [at DSU] when it comes to entertainment such as the band, the cheerleaders and the host.”







Mike Valeus

Mike Valeus, Senior, Major: Marketing, Non-Athlete                     (Photo: Monica Ellis)

“Neither men’s or women’s sports receive enough support or exposure here at DSU. However, if one does, it would be the males simply because they have the football team and the basketball team. But neither gets enough attention for excelling their sports, especially for the girls. When they have won championships and tournaments in the past, hardly any attention or congratulations was given. Everyone is at fault for the lack of support that sports gets at DSU. The school as a whole needs to step up and do more to inform the campus and community about the teams we have so they can get the attention they deserve.”






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