The Hornet Spotlight: NaJai Pollard

By: Jade Murphy

NaJai Pollard is a successful athlete here at Delaware State University.

Her most recent success (as of February 1st), is receiving seven Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference (MEAC) Rookie of the Week Awards, as well as her the Lady Hornet’s 66-56 win on January 27th against North Carolina Central.

To the 5’11 freshman forward, getting so much attention feels great, “It feels really good being noticed for something that I love. It also boosts my confidence in myself because of all the supporters. It makes me want to achieve and prosper.”

All of Pollard’s success, she contributes to her family. She plays for herself but she also plays for them, “I wouldn’t be in this position now if it wasn’t for them.”

Pollard’s goals for this season are to win MEAC Rookie of the Year and to help make a change on the basketball team. “I feel like I am attaining my goals 100% all the way.”

The young athlete has been playing basketball since elementary school and only hopes to improve by working on her handles, the way she dribbles and takes care of the ball.

Other than basketball Pollard enjoys drawing, listening to music, and shopping; but basketball takes first place.

After she graduates, the fellow hornet plans to play in the Women’s National Basketball Association or overseas, “I just want to play basketball.”

Pollard loves the adrenaline rush but if nothing else she’s just in love with the game. It’s a way for her to express herself; the basketball court is her happy place.


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