Jeju National University Agreement with DSU

By: Juamarley Miller

Delaware State University finalized an agreement with Jeju National University in South Korea.

The agreement will establish a bachelor’s degree program in accounting and management concentrations in business administration and management information systems for the South Korean students.

The students will have an opportunity to complete their first two years of study at JNU.

Then in their third year, the JNU students will enroll at DSU for their final two years of study, and receive bachelor’s degrees from both institutions.

Associate dean for the College of Business, Dr. Young-Sik Kwak said he had a relationship with the Jeju National University for many years before the agreement.

“In the new generation globalization is the trend now, so we agreed to exchange our students.” replied Dr. Kwak.

With the agreement he will continue his four year foreign exchange program with the University.

Every year Dr. Kwak takes about five to ten students to JNU in the summer to expand their education with one or two classes and to learn South Korean culture.

“For this particular relationship, my goal would be to make sure that the first class to come this fall has a strong program in order to make sure that they have a good experience and that they do well. The first class will be accounting students, general management, and management information systems, said Donna Covington, dean of the College of Business.

“Hopefully we can expand it online with our 30 hour online MBA program, so students can study around the world because it will be completely online.”

This fall 2016 up to ten students from Jeju National University will attend DSU.


(Photo Credit: Desu.edu)

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