By: Maximilian Farley


Francis Blake
Francis Blake,  Major:             Pre-veterinarian Studies, Dover, DE (Photo: Maximilian Farley)




“Yea. I think he should still be captain because even though people look up to the captain, they still make mistakes.”





Rodrick Brown
  Rodrick Brown, Major: Aviation, Camden, DE (Photo: Maximilian Farley)



“No. He’s not helping them win no games.”







Jordan Stamps
  Jordan Stamps,       Major: Psychology, Torrance, CA (Photo: Maximilian Farley)



“Yes. A loss isn’t on one person. You win and lose as a team.”





Edward Kunzwieler
Edward Kunzwieler, Major: Business, Dover, DE (Photo: Maximilian Farley)



“No. He made bad decisions. He should’ve been benched after the first penalty.”






Laishae Baldwin
Laishae Baldwin, Major: Psychology, Plainfield, NJ (Photo: Maximilian Farley)



”Yeah. People make mistakes.”


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