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SGA Elections

by: Koya Perez

The smell of campaign season is almost in the air…

Interest meetings for next years Student Government Association (SGA) and Royal Court will be held this week on January 26, 2016 at 11 am in the MLK Parlor C and again at 7 pm.

The purpose of SGA is to be a liaison between the students and administration. What may seem like big shoes to fill, and big jobs to handle, does come with perks. SGA also plans Welcome Week and Homecoming, two of the biggest events at DSU.

The Hornet took a deeper looking inside DSU’s current SGA staff. Here are some helpful tips for students looking to join SGA for the 2016-2017 school year.


SGA Top Row (from left to right) Anthony Walker, Jasmine Jenkins, Weston Hipp. Bottom row (from left to right) Richard Figueroa, Isaiah Covington.

Our current SGA President is Isaiah Covington. As President, he is the official spokes person for SGA. He makes sure his board completes all their duties in a timely manner. Unlike the vice president, the president is the connection between administrations and advisors. There are perks of being President too, like the option to veto any options (which doesn’t happen often) but power like that surely feels good.

Our current SGA Vice President is Richard Figueroa. As VP, he also serves as Co Chair of Elections, Co Chair of Judicial Brand and the Co Chair of the Student Senate. As the Co Chair of Elections, he oversees the GPA requirements for SGA, all positions under SGA, and handles all the paperwork. As Co Chair of the Judicial Branch he sits in on student judicial meetings, and has the power to decide a students fate. As Co Chair of Student Senate, he serves as a voice and connection between the students and SGA, and listen to the student body’s concerns and needs. Being VP sure has a lot on his plate!

Our current SGA Treasurer is Weston “West” Hipp. As Treasurer, he maintains all the financial records, handles the budget, and requisitions. It is also the treasurers job to find ways to bring money into the school. His advice to everyone coming to the interest meetings, and getting ready for campaign season is this : “Be original! And remember, you’re always campaigning.”

Our current SGA Recording Secretary is Jasmine Jenkins. She is the eyes, hands, and ears of SGA. While she isn’t note taking, keeping minutes, planning, and overseeing the Corresponding Secretary, she’s busy buzzing around campus to assist the students on hand. “Stay tuned for election season!”, she spoke to the hornet “And for what SGA has planned for the rest of the semester!”

And last but not least, our current SGA Corresponding Secretary is Anthony “AJ” Walker. He is heavy on the social media keeping the students up to date. Whether it is SGA related issues, or news about campus, programs or students orgs, as Corresponding Secretary, AJ serves as the voice of the students.


This semester, SGA is currently in the works of planning a Black History Month Event. There was a huge turnout at their first Levels of Service event, and they plan on producing move. They also hinted to an awesome Spring Fling. Stay tuned Hornets as we make the Spring 2016 semester an unforgettable one.


SGA EPIC Homecoming 2015 Poster

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