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DSU University Courtyard Residents Speak Out About Construction Project

By: Koya Perez

It has been four weeks into the construction and renovation of DSU’s University Courtyard sidewalks, and residents are finally getting fed up and voicing their opinions.

Waking up to the sounds of drills being plummeted into the concrete, and rocks and cement being ripped from the ground has left these past weeks unpleasant for University Courtyard Residents. Not only is sleep and the disturbance of a peaceful living quarter an issue, tractors two to three times the size of student cars have taken refuge in the parking lot causing a mash of student cars scrambled all over the Courtyards.

But the sounds and noises isn’t the main cause of complaints from residents; it is the actual project itself. Many DSU students have expressed their concerns to each other, and now the Residential Director of the University Courtyards about the inconvenience of the construction. Students feel as though it is the actual apartments that need fixing before the sidewalks.

On October 27th, 2015, residents were sent an email explaining that construction would begin that day, and continue for 8 weeks. The reason for this construction, being that the sidewalks were not up to standard.

Sophomore, Alia Drayton said this to The Hornet newspaper “I think DSU needs to focus on the actual rooms more. When I moved in, the building was absolutely dirty. I had to wait for maintenance to come clean it before I could actually move in, and its an inconvenience to me and my parents that helped me move in.”

Visible trash on the stairways of the buildings, broken doors and damaged molding, and poor and old appliances in the apartments are clear indicators that DSU and/or the University Courtyards should focus more on the actual apartments being up to standard, rather than a sidewalk.


The University Courtyards plans to complete other projects this coming school semester including eliminating the volley ball areas and incorporating more bench areas and possibly another gazebo. So, DSU students, be on the lookout for these new and exciting features to the Courtyards.

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