Sharnada Martin named 1st ever Ambassador by Allstate Scholarship Foundation

By: Nettiesha Scott

Getting Scholarships is normally a struggle for college students. That is mainly because students don’t know where to find them.

Sharnada Martin, a Junior Accounting major from Philadelphia made a trip to visit her advisor and left with a great opportunity. She applied for the Allstate and Tom Joyner Foundation Scholarship, which gives scholarships to HBCU students. This scholarship is available for all majors and classifications.

The plus side to this scholarship is even if a person does not directly receive the scholarship they can log on to the website and support their HBCU to possibly receive money for the school. That money goes directly to the students in the form of a scholarship.

Allstate says they have many core values and two contain education and diversity. Sharnada received a scholarship and became an Allstate Ambassador to educate other students and schools about the program.

Martin’s suggestions for other students applying are to make sure the application is filled out correctly, get involved by supporting your HBCU and reapply as much as you like. Martin also added that the public can also donate to the foundation.

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