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Former U.S Ambassador Suzan Johnson Cook visits DSU

by: Nettiesha Scott

Former U.S Ambassador Suzan Johnson Cook came to Delaware State University last week apart of the U.S Department of Agriculture’s 125th anniversary. Suzan reiterated our motto here at DSU, that is to make your Mark on the World and added to keep your eyes open.  

Suzan grew up in the Bronx, NY she originally had no intentions of becoming a U.S Ambassador but had a passion for changing the world. Suzan was always in church as a young girl and Suzan stated by “seeing poverty, pain, ISIS and more I wanted to make my mark on the world and make changes”.


Suzan Cook speaking to the audience. (photo credit: Nettiesha Scott)

In school Suzan was able to travel doing several Study Abroad programs with her parent’s permission and encouragement. After post school Suzan’s path to her career started at age 21 when she first applied for a White House Fellowship. This is where Suzan brought up “how you respond to failures is important”.  

It took three more tries of applying where Suzan was finally hired under Bill Clinton’s second term.  She was nominated for the U.S Ambassador position by Hillary Clinton. Suzan was appointed and served under President Obama from April 2011 to October 2013. Suzan is an author of several books and is currently running for congress.

Through Suzan’s successes she wants not only students but everyone to know “success vs access, knowing what you must do to make your mark on the world and make changes”. Suzan Johnson Cook wants everyone to not only make their mark on the world but “keep your eyes open for opportunities”.

Suzan’s 7 Moral Manifest tips

  1. Don’t forget the generation that preceded you
  2. Don’t forget to say thank you and send thank you cards
  3. Don’t isolate, circulate and work the room
  4. Get off the sidelines- Learn the game and play in it
  5. Be fiscally fit
  6. Know your history
  7. Understand we stand on  the shoulders of others

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