DSU Queens and their ‘Journey to Queendom’

Campus royalty are tasked with not only being good role models to their fellow peers, but they need that special something that makes them stand out from the rest; something that can help them reach out to others and make an impact.

Our very own Donametria “Tria” Stallings had this to say about her unique trait she brings to her position: “My unique trait is my love for God, I am not afraid to tell people who I serve.”

“I am very down-to-earth, that allows me to connect and talk to others,” expressed Miss Junior Aubrey Flournoy.

Delaware State University’s very own campus queens held an event called”Journey to Queendom” to let the females on campus know and realize the queen in them.

Campus queens Donametria “Tria” Stalling (Miss DSU), Asia Tillson (Miss Senior), and Aubrey Flournoy (Miss Junior) gave their individual and unique stories of how they became the queens of DSU. Their stories resonated with the crowd; it was obvious with their rapt attention to the campus leaders.

After the queens shared their journeys to their crowns, they opened up a forum to the audience of many freshmen young women to share their own stories and struggles with their image and how outside forces make them reconsider their beauty as black women.

Sharnada Martin, the Women’s Senate Vice President and Jasmine Jenkins, the Student Government Association Recording Secretary, as well as other upperclassmen shared their nuggets of wisdom to the up and coming young women coming into their own.

At the end of the event, our campus queens had all the young queens stand up and recite this mantra out loud:

Affirmation for the Queen in Me:

* I know my worth

* I AM beautiful inside and out

* ALL of my dreams will come true

* My tomorrows are ALWAYS better than my todays

* I LOVE the woman that I am becoming

* I understand MY purpose

* NOTHING is impossible

The goal here?

If you repeat it enough times, maybe you will start to believe it.That was our queens making their mark on their DSU sisters. Before they can go and make their mark on the world, they need to inspire those around them.

As quoted from Nelson Mandela, “As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.”

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