DSU’s Finest: Carlos Holmes

By Jasmine Saunders

He’s not “the PR guy,” his official title is Director of News Services. Carlos Holmes is a remarkable man; he has a regal aura about him that lets all know that he is not a man to be messed with.

He is of few words, but his astounding career as a media professional does all the talking for him. As the Director of News Services, Mr. Holmes is “the university’s main liaison to the media,” as he explained in an interview.

That means if anyone from the media wants to contact anyone affiliated with Delaware State University whether it is faculty or students, they have to go through him. He writes press releases and he also informs the community of any DSU events that are open to the public.

But he is not just all work. Mr. Holmes is a musician, and he is the pianist for three churches. It’s safe to say that he is a very accomplished musician if the three churches have anything to say about it.

He also describes himself to be a “movie freak,” and has a “ridiculous” collection of movies. He even writes movie reviews about movies he sees on Facebook, and he’s pretty good at it, just ask his fans.

One of his fans, Phyllis Brooks Collins, also a colleague, wrote on his post about the Chris Rock movie “Top Five,” thanking him for his re- view before she saw the film. She is one of many who really take his re- views to heart and consider him a great source of movie criticism.

That’s quite a reputation he has there, he can add “Trusted Film Critic” along with his present title, Director of News Services. His love of film transcends itself into his involvement in acting.

DSU's own multi-faceted Carlos Holmes keeps DSU in the know. Photo Credit: Twitter.com

DSU’s own multi-faceted Carlos Holmes keeps DSU in the know. Photo Credit: Twitter.com

He was in a movie filmed at DSU called “God’s Amazing Grace… Is Just a Prayer Away.” Holmes played Sonny, one of the two brothers (the other played by Clifton Davis) the movie focused on.

The movie, produced by Calvary Pictures, is written and directed by Dover resident Rev. Warren Rhodes of the Calvary Baptist Church. It won the ‘Best Christian Film Award’ at the 2015 San Diego Black Film Festival.

Mr. Holmes can add Actor to his list of accomplishments.At work, he is a respected faculty member, and once the work day ends, he becomes a very well-involved member of his community.

Delaware State University, as well as the greater Dover area is lucky to have him around, Carlos Holmes really is one-of-a-kind.

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