How to Make College More Affordable

by: Juamarley Miller

As Delaware State University embarks on a new school year, it is common for students to wonder how they can make their college experience more affordable. Although the cost of higher education seems to increase every few years, it’s very easy for students to find solutions in order to cut down costs.

Scholarships and grants can be very helpful during your journey through the years in order to graduate. There are differences between these two types of aids, which are provided for the students. Most scholarships are merit based. This means that they are awarded to students with certain achievements, such as proven academic or athletic abilities.

Grants, however, are more need based. They are usually awarded based on you or your family’s financial situation. Both options are very helpful and reduce a chunk of the costs.


Frequent visits to your college’s Financial Aid Office will better help you budget college. Photo Credit: http://jjie.org/pell-grant-cuts-begin-summer-school/

John Rose, a graduate student who received a full scholarship to complete his undergraduate degree gave some insight on how his scholarship helped him through college. “I don’t know if I would’ve been able to afford college if I wasn’t blessed with a scholarship.  My parents went through [a] financial crisis and I knew that if I didn’t work hard it would be impossible for me to continue my education past high school.”

Scholarships and grants have made it easier for students to afford college for decades, and they will continue to be the best options in order to make college more affordable for students.

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