Changes with Courtyard Security

By: Nettiesha Scott

Residents of the University Courtyards may have noticed that Public Safety hasn’t been in the security office since the beginning of the semester.

Officer Dominick Canpalone said that he could not provide much information on public safety’s current assignments in the yards “due to the confidentiality for the continued security of the department”.

Officer Campalone also quoted that “there are some decisions made by the DSUPD at times not privy to others for security
or timely reasons”.

Kyonna Forges is a junior Courtyards resident and thinks that with public safety not present that “students are getting a real life experience where there is not always surveillance in their apartment or complex”, and learn to take more safety
precautions on our own”. images

When we tried to talk to Residential Assistants they also could not comment on the situation due to they didn’t know much or didn’t want to comment due to job security.

It seems not many students are aware of the situation.

Travis Brunson also a junior thinks that “it is dangerous that Public safety is not present like before, because of the history
of safety in the yards should warrant someone being in the booth at all times”.

safety is not present that “all students and guests should of course walk to their apartments from their vehicles with
someone, if possible”.

He also suggests “putting a small flashlight on your key rings and have their keys in their hands, so that they may access
their apartment or vehicle.”

Officer Campalone ended with saying that the department “will work as closely as possible with those in the need to know,
and be as transparent as possible.”

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