Will You Graduate on Time? 5 Tips to Stay on Track

by: Kyonna Forges

Graduation is always a blink away whether you are a freshman or a senior. Are you taking the right steps to make sure you graduate on time?

Here are some tips to help your senior year be as smooth as possible:
1. Frequently meet with your advisor at least once or twice per semester. They are here to guide you in the right direction and make sure you stay on track with your curriculum.
2.Start interning as soon as you can. If you search hard enough, some employers will hire you as a rising sophomore.
3. Join organizations within or out of your major. This will help you network and even build up your experience.
4. Start your audit no later than spring of your junior year. This way, if a class you need is only offered in the fall or spring, you have time to take it.
5. Always monitor your financial aid and registration (myDesu). Things can be changed or removed without your knowledge.
Following these tips are a sure way to help you graduate on time.download

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