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The OSCAR Project at DSU Began Less Than 3 Years Ago and is Almost Complete

By Nettiesha Scott

OSCAR stands for the future Optics Center for Applied Research where students and faculty mainly pursuing graduate and doctoral research will be doing all types of experimenting and research on popular science and even health issues and topics.

The majors of Physics and Pre-Engineering will free up space in the current Luna I. Mishoe Science Building by moving to the Optics Center, located in between the Village Café and the ETV Building.

Alankato Cobb, Assistant Vice President of Facilities says that the project is on schedule and the building should be completed by the early part of Summer 2015, due to the monthly reports from J.D Bartlett who is the Director of Planning and Construction.

The perfect construction day is around 65 degrees said Cobb, which is hard to find this time of year.

Students with classes near the construction site are upset that there is one lane open, but Cobb says, “that closing the one lane with just enough clearance for the equipment and also keep some flow of traffic.”

“Public safety is also keeping a close eye making sure no one is violating the flow of traffic while construction continues,” says Cobb.

Woo-Young Byun has classes near the new building and says the construction was kind of disturbing in the beginning, but knows the building will benefit the science majors in the end.

When the building is complete, Alankato Cobb and other facilitators suggest you go visit the building.

The OSCAR building has three floors that will be filled with a shared nanotechnology facility, wet labs, testing and imaging rooms, instrument rooms, space for incubators and conference and office space.

Just like our school motto, the OSCAR building will be making its mark on the world and it starts with people seeing it from route 13.

The students and faculty that will be working in this new building will be researching and developing many different things that will be beneficial for the future.

All majors of Delaware State University have unique opportunities for students to get involved in to prepare to make their mark on the world.

The Optics building will be complete soon but this is just the beginning of what Delaware State University students and faculty are capable of.

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