#ManCrushMonday “Hornet Edition”

By: Allison Hazel

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, SGA Vice President Kimani Robinson is our #MCM.

Kimani is an outgoing and friendly graduating senior majoring in Psychology with a concentration in Youth Development.

Post-graduation, he aspires to obtain a doctorate degree and become a Pediatric Psychiatrist.

On his ideal woman:

“Maturity, is number one for me, just because a female needs to have her mind right, you know, if her mind is not right, that’s, uh is a turnoff. Education. A female has to be smart; if a female is more educated than me, I would like, honestly to make it more a challenge for myself. [also] career-driven, she knows what she wants to do in her future, you know she has her plans, she has a goal set and she’s going for it in any way possible. Um, uh, also I’m really strong on a female being attractive, beautiful, nice full lips, you know good body, keeps herself together. I really don’t have a particular type because I feel like all shapes and sizes are beautiful, all facial structures, all swags are, you know beautiful in their own way, as long as a female has a great mind.”

On campus relationships:

“We have females from different places. New York, Jersey, Philly.

I think campus dating is honestly preparing for the real world, you could say, because like I said the maturity factor is a good, as a male, you know there’s guys who don’t want to get that serious because they still want to play they cards.”

On what he brings to the table:

“I’m gonna stay true to myself and if you like, you like me, if you don’t, you don’t, things happen and that’s me. If I’m with a female, I try to go above and beyond just to make her happy, things that a guy would never do like skydiving with a female, that’s just me.”

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