What Can RHA Do For You?

By DaRon Smith

A lot of students here on campus go about their first two years without finding out what organizations on campus.

They do not really explore their options participating in extracurricular events and activities.

One of those organizations that try to help incoming students become more active with their campus is the Residential Hall Association, better known as RHA.

The purpose of RHA is to put on and host different events in the halls and also in different places around the DSU campus; to try to get the students more involved with their campus.

RHA member Christopher Bradwell, a 22-year-old senior Mass Communications major from Delaware, he says that it is important for the students here at DSU to actively participate in the events on campus.

“Right next to your Residential Assistants (RA’s) and Senior Residential Assistants (SRA’s) RHA works with them to help out the residents who live in these halls to make their time living on campus enjoyable,” Bradwell said.

He gives the example of a situation of a malfunctioned microwave in which RHA helped to put money into buy a new microwave.

RHA partners with all of those who are involved with on campus housing to make the living environment pleasant for these students.

One of the major challenges that RHA does face according to Bradwell is keeping the students who live in the Living and Learning Commons involved with as many activities on campus as possible.

This is because with living off campus those in the Living and Learning Commons feel left out at times because of the distance from campus.

When talking to a few students they all agree that the distance from campus serves as both a good and bad thing; good because they are away from a lot of on campus dis-tractions and a bad thing because of the inability to be on campus all of the time, the walks from campus to the commons, and the shuttle not being available all of the time.

RHA is working with the department of housing to ensure that the students in the Living and Learning Commons do not feel left out for any reason.

Students on campus are starting to talk about the progress that the RHA has made and the events that they have hosted that has gotten a lot of support from the student body, for example the “DSU’s Got Talent” event this fall.

“RHA has bigger and better things in store for the student body in the spring so we have to keep an eye out for their progression,” Bradwell said.

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