The Week About Nothing: Mixxy Monday

By Koya Perez

Welcome Week which was titled “The Week About Nothing” began with the social event Mixxy Monday.

On January 12, 2014 in the MLK Lobby from 1-4pm, CAB put forth their best effort to kick off the Spring 2015 semester.

Mixxy Monday was the opportunity for returning students to mingle with each other, as well as new and transfer students to experience student body campus life.

Dj Blaire kept the crowd dancing and the energy moving by playing a mix of old school song with new dance songs.

In the lobby, lines for Henna tattoos filled the MLK. Outside the parlors, activities included street sign, parking sign, and license plate making.

Every student had a chance to make a souvenir to remember the first event of Welcome Week.

Mass Communications Freshman Marquia Kimbrough said “Everyone at the event was very friendly and family orientated. I felt like I belonged…I met new students and people on campus who I have never met before.”

The turnout for the event was an overwhelming success.

Students voiced how they could not wait for the next big event.

Welcome Week will be continued with numerous events and trips to attend, each giving students the time and opportunity to bond with fellow Hornets.



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