Student Organizations Shine at Welcome Week Org Fair

By India Lee

At the beginning of every semester DSU Students plan and participate in the Organization Fair where a myriad of clubs all gather in an effort to attract new members.

Spring 2015 was no different.

The second organization fair of the academic year was another terrific success.

Student leaders all showed up and showed out for their particular clubs.

DSU students came into the MLK center in between classes to scope out the variety of activities that are possible to be involved in on campus.

Organizations such as the Radio Station, Caribbean Student Association, Roteract Community Service Club, E.L.I.T.E and the multiple Greek Letter orgs all participated.

Jacquaniese Washington, Station Director of WDSU Radio, had this to say about the Spring organization fair, “The turnout for this semester’s org fair was not as large as fall semester but I attribute that to the cold weather. However, we did recruit new members for my organization, so I’m happy about that!”

Although the weather was a bit of a hindrance, DSU students did show up and get involved which is a great thing!

Deoz’a Spriggs, a member of 1 Entity Modeling Troupe, also added, “The weather definitely wasn’t favorable but my org still did numbers when it came to recruiting!”

There are organizations that cater to almost every major, and practically every interest of the different students.

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