SGA Expects Bigger and Better Things This Spring Semester

By Latisha Brown

As the fall semester comes to an end, it is expected that students have questions about the upcoming spring semester.

SGA has worked diligently during the fall semester to make sure the students have a great college experience through shows, parties, programs, and other activities.

Speaking with the Vice President of SGA, Kimani Robinson, he states that spring semester will only get better.

Robinson stated that the students should expect a lot more involvement and unity when it comes time for the spring semester.

There will be more involvement with finding careers, job opportunities, servicing the student body better, a play during black history month, and more.

Students should be on the lookout for extended library and dining hours.

Also, the SGA is working hard to start motivational speaking sessions where people share their views on a topic.

Last year, DSU had a show entitled “DSUnity” that brought the organizations on campus together to unify and bring togetherness in one big show.

During the spring semester, “DSUnity” show will be returning and happening every month. There will be a big finale at the end of the semester.

Isaiah Covington, president of Campus Activities Board, explained how students should expect a semester full of quality diverse activities.

“We plan to implement new events and also continue events that took place in the past. CAB will also be having more off campus events and trips.”

CAB’s first event will be on Monday, Jan. 12 called “Mixxy Monday” which is a part of the welcome back events.

This event is all about engagement and getting students acclimated with each other. CAB has a variety of events planned for that week to welcome the students back to campus.

Besides talking about everything SGA has in store for spring semester, Robinson acknowledged some of the things SGA has accomplished during the fall semester that they were proud of.

Some of the accomplishments included: involvement in the community (Boys and Girls Club mentorship program), Homecoming line-up (catered to general/majority population of students), and the risk they took with trying different events such as “Above the Rim” for homecoming.

Robinson stated that SGA’s platform “The Family” has been influential during this semester because a lot of students are collaborating and blending together.

Also, there is not a lot of violence or fights happening on campus and administration and public safety are more open and willing to help.

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