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Just Mike the Poet Speaks to Students at DSU

By Logan Hurley

Few things leave a special impression on you as poetry does.

A man named Michael E. Reid used this to full effect this past Wednesday evening.

Reid, otherwise known as Just Mike the Poet, spoke candidly about his life up until now.

Reid began by giving a brief look into his life since he was 17 years of age.

He served his country in the Navy until age 22.

Once out, Reid sought to follow in his mother’s path and become a nurse.

Reid soon met a girl and chose to leave school in order to support her dream of becoming a lawyer.

The relationship they shared would soon reach an emotional end, however.

The moment that Reid chose to attempt to end his life would instead change it for the better.

Through recovery, he began to write poetry and was encouraged to take it further. Thus, Just Mike the Poet was born and became renowned for his posts of wisdom on social media.

Speaking to DSU students then, he offered his experience in entrepreneurship and the mysteries of love and relationships.

Reid even recited a passage out of his new book, Dear Woman at the request of an audience member.

Throughout it all there were laughs, jeers of scepticism, and silent pondering from the weight of Reid’s words.

His message, while not completely perfect in its presentation, struck a chord for many, including myself.

Reid had a way of speaking poetically, without rhyme, but with a fresh perspective of truth.

Perhaps his words were enough help those in the audience who still seemed lost in love, and gave hope to those who still have yet to find it.

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