Commons’ Residents Committed to Workout Plans


Kamarah Rice stays committed to her work-out in her dorm room during Commons’ gym closure.

By:Kyonna Forges

Some residents living in the DSU Commons feel inconvenienced because its gym is closed this semester. Commons Resident Assistant, Shakida Hercules said, “It’s being closed because there is no heat in the gym.”

Although students are able to workout in the Wellness Center on the main campus, Commons residents were excited when the gym first opened during the fall 2013 semester because they could work-out before classes.

Commons resident, Kamarah Rice says, “Every night before bed, I do jumping jacks, bicycles, and 45 seconds of planking. I’m determined to get this 4-pack.”  Rice is one of the students who exercises in the Commons’ dorm rooms instead of making a trip to the Wellness Center.

“I feel like the gym being closed in the Commons is an inconvenience. I like to get a late work out in and it takes a lot to get on the shuttle and go the WRC on campus” said Commons resident, Lonjae Williams.

This is not the first time the gym has been closed. Originally, it was closed because students would not sign a gym waiver to ensure safety.

Despite the minor setback, residents are determined to get their bodies ready for spring break. The Hornet will provide updates about the Commons gym reopening.

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