How to Succeed in Online Classes


Photo Courtesy: Greenville College

By Logan French

DSU, like  other campuses, is offering online classes for many different majors. The virtual classroom requires different strategies for students to succeed.

       The Hornet’s top five tips to help you pass  an online class with ease!

1. Check Blackboard and your DSU Office 365 email in the morning, at lunch time, and when you return to the dorm.

-This will allow you to keep track of assignments and any changes that may affect your schoolwork that is due.

2. Have a direct line and alternative line of communication to your professor.

-What if Blackboard crashes? What if the Office 365 setup will not send your email? Knowing your professor’s office hours, email, and phone number can prove to be the most effective ways to  reach them.

3. Type your assignment in Word or a similar program and save it.

-Then cut and paste your work into the assignment field to submit it. This will allow you to access it again, in case it comes into question. It will also save your work and prevent the need to do it again if Blackboard times out.

4. Do not wait until the night before to complete an assignment.

-Blackboard is sometimes “down for service” at multiple times throughout the year. Plan accordingly by working on the project at least a few days before it is due. This will ensure that you can get it in on time.

5. Know where the Distance Education and Learning Office (DELO) is located and how to contact the staff.

-The DELO is located in 205 Education and Humanities Building.This office is dedicated to solving Blackboard problems. The staff can diagnose and resolve your problems quickly.

-You can email the them at blackboard@desu.edu or call 302-857-7122.

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