Soccer Team Ends 1-16 Season

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By Robert Binford

The soccer team concluded their season on a defeating, yet promising note as they took on New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT). They fought hard in their closing battle, but fell to a 3-0 score.

The season did not go as well as expected, ending on a 1-16 record. To those Hornets on the team, they know that the record means nothing in comparison to the growth as a team.  During the off-season, they will focus on conquering the MEAC next year.

What really mattered this season is that with each practice and game, each player grew mentally stronger and better. The record does not show the true maturity that this youthful Hornet team has developed throughout the season. The record or stats do not define the true nature of a team nor the growth on and off the field. The molding of a new improved, more mature, and driven Hornets team is on the verge for next season.

Look out, MEAC.

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