Limitless Fashion and 1 Entity Team Up to Build Self-Esteem

Limitless DSU

Limitless Models hard at work.

Photo Source: YouTube

By Thomas Jordan

The art of modeling is much more than just walking on stage and looking good. There are many aspects that go on behind the scenes to make it work. Modeling  improves self-image and inner beauty, which raises self-esteem.

 At DSU, the Limitless Fashion Club and 1 Entity are modeling troupes that students can join on campus. These organizations are in high demand and receive a great amount of attention on campus.

Limitless is the oldest fashion club on campus. Created in 2002 by Alex Outlaw, Limitless has grown bigger and better every year. Limitless is a fashion club, as well as a modeling troupe. The modeling troupe is for those who “rip the runway”.

Limitless modeling troupe travels and competes, showcasing their routines. The fashion club is for those who are not necessarily on stage. This focuses on makeup, choreography, photography and other behind the scene aspects. Limitless stresses a professional edge to their brand and plans to expand this semester through event participation.

1 Entity is another successful modeling troupe at DSU. Established in 2008 by “Deon”, a former member of Limitless, 1 Entity has “family” culture which trickles down to their performances that demonstrate unity. Like Limitless, 1 Entity has “boot camps” where perspective members can showcase their talent in hopes of making the cut.

Both Limitless and 1 Entity are focused on giving back through community service. 1 Entity is currently working with Creative Mentors of Delware to establish mentoring on campus. The goal is for 1 Entity to establish an anti-cyber bullying campaign.

Membership  in a modeling troupe on campus helps students become leaders. Both organizations have faced adversity; however, both look forward to the future and plan on working together through various community service activities. Expect big things from both troupes this school year.

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