Fashion Designer Demands Publicity at DSU

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By Lindsi Wynn

As a senior in college, Jeffrey Fleurantus has been doing very well for himself. One of his primary focuses is to make his fashion line prosper.

Although he is interested in the fashion world, he is mainly involved in Christian based organizations and clubs on campus.

As for his clothing line, Fleurantus designs primarily t-shirts with his own styles of logos and messages. Fleurantus is concentrating on making his line known and building on it so that others can love his designs just as much as he does. Because of his ambition, the Hornet wanted to get a one on one feel of his inspirations.

Hornet- How did your passion for fashion-designing begin?
Fleurantus- “I got interested in general fashion because my sister models back at home. So, a lot of what she was involved in was fashion related, which made me want to become involved as well.”

Hornet- What is your favorite part about being a fashion designer?
Fleurantus- “My favorite part about it is seeing other people wear my designs. If I see someone wearing my ‘J’Fleur’, it makes me feel good. I feel so accomplished.”

Hornet- How do you stay up to date with fashion?
Fleurantus- “I do quite a bit of research and read a lot of magazines. Looking at others people’s outfits on campus helps me out some too.”

Hornet- What was the first article of clothing you ever designed?
Fleurantus- “I love to put different logos or messages on t-shirts. Designing t-shirts is mainly my thing, which is how I got started with creating my own line.”

Hornet- How do you select models?
Fleurantus- “I do not discriminate. I am open to all shapes, sizes and colors. At the moment, most of my models are close friends.”

Hornet- What matters to you most as a fashion designer?
Fleurantus- “What matters most is that people love what I create. If people don’t have some kind of positivity towards it, then how can other like it and help promote my line.”

Hornet- Are there any other students you collaborate or work with?
Fleurantus- “I don’t really work with any other students on campus, but I would certainly love to do so.”

Hornet- How does your line benefit the students in the DSU community?
Fleurantus-“I make it my mission to add messages of inspiration and encouragement to my designs.”

As we can see through his answers, this senior is driven toward his goals and has versatile interests, so if you know him, do not be afraid to ask questions.

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