Five Health Tips for Incoming or Returning DSU Hornets!

By Logan French

Utilize these tips to make your DSU experience that much more exceptional!

Welcome incoming and returning students!

We at The Hornet hope that your new living arrangements have been nothing short of easy and fluid!

As you are getting the hang of things around campus, we have assembled a few more tips and tricks to help you stay as healthy as you can in your new environment!

There are many different little things that can pay off in a big way.

One thing that will help you is to wash your bed linens about once a month, especially your pillowcases.

When we sleep, many body fluids such as sweat and our natural skin oils are released and our sheets absorb them as they are made of fabric.

This will not only keep your room looking nice, this will also help you sleep at night as well as to decrease the amount of pimples and zits you get as the pillowcases being laundered will provide a clean place to lay your head.

Next, wipe down your work station or your desk and everything on it weekly.

Germs like to harbor themselves on anything we use and we are on our desks and electronics almost constantly.

Using a cleaner or a disinfectant will keep bacteria from piling up and it will keep you healthy.

Another big thing to worry about is stress.

A key strategy to combat anxiety and worry from the heavy schedule we all have is to invest in a dry erase calendar.

This will allow you to add, eliminate, and change your weekly and monthly schedule on the fly and allow you to look at your tasks and to prioritize them.

This will let you get your projects completed and bring about peace in your life as you have academic success.

One of the major challenges with stress is getting enough sleep.

Even though it may not be the cool thing to do, every person needs sleep in order to balance put their lives.

Sleep allows us to refresh ourselves and to approach our daily challenges with a brand new bravado.

If you are having trouble falling asleep, one can pick up a bottle of low dose melatonin from the local drug store.

When the body is craving sleep, it naturally releases the hormone melatonin to have your body slow down and relax.

This reaction allows the body to slip off into sleep and to allow for the most refreshing deep Rapid Eye Movement, or REM sleep.

When used responsibly, a low and recommended dose will allow the user to fall asleep on nights riddled with insomnia.

Lastly, we have established that stress is a huge factor.

We have stress in everything that we do.

People can either find an appropriate way to release their stress or they can bottle it up and store it for an unsuspecting victim.

The later action can affect schoolwork, relationships, and a great deal more than just your day.

We all pay each term for the ability to use the Wellness and Recreation Center.

Why don’t more people use it?

Even a simple workout permits people to expel any pent-up energy.

Just simply being active promotes great health and brings joy.

Working out does not mean that you have to come and lift massive amounts of weight and to drive nowhere on a stationary bike.

One great and relaxing way to be active on campus is to use our new Aquatic Center.

The heated deck and pools allow for laps and recreation.

There are lifeguards always on post and even classes that can teach you how to swim or how to play an intramural water sport.

Hopefully these tips help you as you take the next step in your academic career!

Don't become a procrastinator and let your work pile up! Use these tips to help you find your way! Photo retrieved from

Don’t become a procrastinator and let your work pile up! Use these tips to help you find your way! Photo retrieved from

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