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Homecoming Coronation: An Evening in Paris

The 2013-2014 Royal Court posing at their elegant .Coronation

The 2013-2014 Royal Court pose at the elegant Homecoming Coronation.

By: India Lee

Chascidy Reeves and Charles Robinson Snead can officially mark October 6th, 2013 as one of the most honorable and exciting days of their lives. The DSU Homecoming Coronation is always looked forward to as the kickoff to one of the largest events held each year.

The campus kings and queens had a chance to dress up in elegant attire to grace the stage, while sporting unique sashes, sparkling crowns and pins. Each student organization chooses a king and queen every year. Although every organization on campus is essential to DSU, the Royal Court is the main focus of the coronation!

Miss and Mister DSU took the stage after the class king and queens, all donned in red and white, were seated in their beautifully adorned chairs.

In a stunning white gown that stole the show, Miss DSU, Chascidy Reeves sat glowing on her throne! With a lavish and bright crown, Mr. DSU, Charles Robinson Snead adding allure and charisma to the stage!

“It was so surreal. I was really silent throughout the entire time I was backstage because I couldn’t believe that my dream was coming true, said Reeves.

“It feels awesome to be in a spot like this because not everyone is granted the opportunity.”

Mr. DSU’s had similar feelings, “I didn’t know how to feel about it, my emotions were all over the place, said Snead.

“I was in a moment where my dream had come true and when something like that happens for you, all you can do is just appreciate it! I didn’t know what else to do but to smile and be grateful.”

Miss and Mister DSU are appreciative of the positions that they fought so hard to acquire and look forward to making their impact on DSU in the 2013 to 2014 school year!

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