Electronic Cigarettes, A Healthy Alternative?


By Logan French

The Blu Electronic Cigarette Model. (Photo credit belongs to

The Blu Electronic Cigarette Model.
(Photo credit belongs to

Everyone has been taught that smoking tobacco is a terrible thing that does nothing but harsh every system in your body.

The smoke is what causes so many problems as it contains a filtered or unfiltered direct line of access into the body.

When tobacco burns, it releases not only the smoke that is created by igniting the plant, but the processing chemicals used to cure or flavor the tobacco is taken in and is often harmful or fatal. Many people still smoke today and the rate of diseases and number of complications because of smoking are constantly on the rise.

Most cannot put down their smoke as it has entrapped them in a nicotine addiction. The common question now is: “I cannot stop smoking. Is there any way I can still smoke without taking in all the harmful effects?”

One company, BluCigs, advertises that they can help you and still allow you get what you need while being healthier during your habit. First things first, we must investigate how to use the BluCig.

We cannot just take a lighter and light the end of the new product. It’s a little more complicated than that.

In the tube of the product, there are a few compartments that entrap certain products that must be heated to obtain the effect. A serum or a “juice” as the company calls it is loaded into the Ecig as a flavor cartridge.

A small heater heats up the juice and converts it into a vapor very similar to water vapor and the person takes a long deep inhale or drag off of the product. The supposed advantage is that when a person uses an Ecig, they will inhale the toxic smoke and after effects of burning the plant leave and the paper wrapper.

Granted, this makes perfect sense as there will be no smoke. The product creates a vapor, similar to a humidifier or vaporizer used in homes across the world.

The true quandary is whether or not the new product is as healthy as it claims. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not endorse these products as there have not been enough or quality physical long term effect studies done.

Also, the FDA is worried about how providers make, create, store, and regulate the dosage of nicotine in each juice vial. People have actually overdosed on nicotine with these products for two basic reasons. The first being that since they are not an officially watched product as they contain no tobacco and can be purchased by any person at any age or intelligence level. Secondly, not all products or makers should be trusted.

It has been found in recent studies, that the amount of nicotine on the box may not match what is actually taken in. It may be dramatically lower or higher.

Another fact to contend with is that the device must be purchased to initially begin the process and the juice vials must be bought in order to achieve the desired effect. Most Ecigs are in the neighborhood of $50 to $100 or more for getting a full starting pack or all the pieces necessary.

Today, an average pack of cigarettes in Delaware is about six or seven dollars with the vice tax. Another thing to take account is that there will be required actions and maintenance that your Ecig will require.

The battery will have to be charged, juices will have to be changed or refilled, the device needs to be cleaned, and even more will be required to make the performance the best it can be. One of the heaviest hitting blows to the campaign of that Ecigs are the best way to go, is that the FDA have not approved the use of the device.

This entails that there are no regulatory systems that monitor your smoke as we talked about before, but there may be more in your new toy’s output than just vapor. This also brings about a new name to an older idea.

Secondhand vapor is a constituent to secondhand smoke in the world today. There have not been enough conclusive results of what exactly is in the vapor that is released upon exhalation of the product.

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